Flowcine Gimbal Link

The Flowcine Gimbal Link features similar technology to the company’s xARM Steadicam accessory.

It is designed to make working with large gimbals like the Ronin 2 or the Movi Pro much easier by transferring weight onto a vest and allowing smooth control of motion.

No more bobble

The three arms on each side isolate vertical motion when walking and the Gimbal Link also compensates for the rolling motion from your hips.

The support for the gimbal means the wearer has a large range of motion – 90° of panning to left and right, and straight up and down.

It’s also possible to fold the support arms in for a smaller profile, while going through doors for example.

The Gimbal Link in the video above is a prototype version but Flow Cine hope to have a package available to purchase in November that includes a frame, an arm and a vest. Price is expected to be €6,000.

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