DoPchoice light modifiers for the ARRI Orbiter

DoPchoice has unveiled a new series of light modifier tools for the new ARRI Orbiter lighting fixtures.

This includes an ARRI bayonet-style mounting system for the new Orbiter LED fixture line with customized DoPchoice light modifiers.

There is new round, single-piece lantern-shaped Snapbag Domes that come rolled in their own pouches, then snap up fast and simply twist quickly onto the bayonet mount built into the Orbiter.

DoPchoice light modifiers for the ARRI Orbiter

These lightweight softeners are offered in Medium, 50cm/19.7 inch and Large 80cm/31.5 inch to accommodate the ARRI family of lights.

DoPchoice light modifiers for the ARRI Orbiter

Also customized for Orbiter light control is the new Snapbag Lightbank system. The Lightbank Small (78 x 59 x 40cm/30.7 x 23.2 x 15.7 in) and Medium (119 x 86 x 70cm/46.8 x 33.8 x 27.5 in) each feature a rectangular Snapbag, along with mounting poles and hook ‘n loop pads that come housed in their own storage pouch. Lightbanks are the only Snapbags to offer the ingenious pyramid baffle at the center of the system. This sewn-in advantage enables the Snapbag sidewalls to reflect the light outward, for ultra-even spread without diminishing illumination intensity. Setup and mounting is a breeze thanks to the Orbiter’s integral bayonet mount. Plus the speedring allows Snapbag rotation, which facilitates quick horizontal or vertical orientation.  

All DoPchoice Snapbags, feature special reflective fabric to intensify light output. In addition, a Magic Cloth diffusion panel attaches right on the front for ultra-even light distribution.

DoPchoice light modifiers for the ARRI Orbiter

Due to the popularity of octagonal-shaped Snapbags, DoPchoice offers the Octa 4, measuring 4’/120cm x 4’/120cm x 2’1”/65cm deep, just for the Orbiter. This 4-foot diameter softener sets up via a pole and hook ‘n loop quick mounting system and attaches directly to the center of the fixture with the bayonet twist mount. Exclusive fabrics, geometric shape, and the integral pyramid baffle work together to enhance illumination and keep output smooth and pleasing. Octas may be used open-face or with the included front diffusion panel.

Each DoPchoice tool for the Orbiter is compatible with standard size Snapgrids when more light direction is desired. The self-unfolding and self-tightening light control grids (40° beam angle) simply hook ‘n loop directly on front of the Snapbags, so there’s no extra set-cluttering stand.

Manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP International, these accessories for the Orbiter family are available through ARRI, or authorized dealers beginning winter 2020.

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