Deity S-Mic 2S short shotgun microphone

The Deity S-Mic 2S is a shorter version of the company’s flagship S-Mic 2 microphone, optimised for use indoors.

Small but mighty

It weighs three ounces (98g) and is designed to be used in smaller spaces than its big sister. It has a shorter interference tube to minimise issues from sound reflections when shooting inside.

IMG 7616
The S-Mic 2S with the longer S-Mic 2

The microphone has a standard XLR connector and needs phantom power . It can accept 48V or 24V though, so if you’re low on power for whatever reason you can switch to the lower voltage for longer runtimes.

The body of the S-Mic 2S is made from brass for protection against RF interference. It is also water and humidity resistant – the circuit board is coated in epoxy so you can rinse it off in distilled water if you happen to drop it in a muddy puddle.


The S-Mic 2S is shipping now.

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