Teradek Orbit PTZ: HD, 4K wireless camera control and video transmission

The Teradek Orbit PTZ is an all-in-one control and wireless video transmission system for PTZ cameras. It combines wireless RS422 and RS232 control protocols with a video feed from an attached PTZ remote camera, and transmits it to a Teradek receiver up to 300m/1,000ft away with less than 1ms delay.

Wire free, latency free

This makes it possible to set up a remote camera system without having to run cabling between camera positions and a control room, receiving wireless video straight into your switcher hardware.

Teradek say the quality of the image is about the same as you’d get from a regular Bolt system.

Each camera/Orbit PTZ pair will need its own receiver at the other end for wireless video transmission; however multiple transmitters can pair in turn with a single receiver for wireless control without transmitting picture.

So to set up three cameras, you could connect to them one at a time, adjust one for a wide, adjust camera two for a presenter and set the third camera for a guest.

Price and availability (not free)

The Teradek Orbit PTZ will start at $3,990 US for the HD version – the 4K-capable transmitter will be more expensive, although Teradek aren’t announcing pricing yet. The Orbit is due to start shipping in November.

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