Lupo Actionpanel and on-camera LED lights

Lupo has developed a smaller version of their 1×1-sized Superpanel LED light, called the Actionpanel. It will be available as a bi-color fixture or in a ‘full color’ RGBW version.

Lupo Actionpanel
The full color version of the Actionpanel features hardware controls and DMX on the back of the fixture.

Both types can be powered by either AC or V-mount batteries – you get mains adapter in the box and there will be a range of accessories like filters and barn doors to help control the light.

Lupo is also showing a new on-camera light at IBC this year that uses the same LEDs as the Super Panel. It’s a bi-color panel and runs off Sony batteries. No name yet, but Lupo’s on-camera light uses the same LED technology as the company’s larger panels.

Lupo Actionpanel and on-camera LED lights

Because all the company’s lights are based on the same LED technology all the different sizes should mix and match together nicely. It’s fair to say Matt has been impressed by the Superpanel range when he’s reviewed them.

Price and availability

Lupo Actionpanel and on-camera LED lights

Both lights should be available in November. There’s no price for the camera light yet, but the Actionpanel will cost around €490 for the bicolor version and €690 for the full-color version.

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