Aputure 300X bi-colour LED light

Aputure have designed a bi-colour version of their Bowens mount lights, the 300X (‘X’ standing for ‘Crossfade’).

Two become one

Apparently Aputure’s customers have been asking for a bi-colour light since the launch of the 120-series four years ago. The reason why it’s taken them so long to develop is that the problem of making a CoB-style LED that’s genuinely bi-colour isn’t easy to solve. Solutions that other companies have tried include arrays of striped LEDs or ‘half-and-half’ arrangements of larger light sources.

IMG 7618
The 300X is seen here sporting one of Aputure’s Fresnel 2X Bowens mount modifiers.

These approaches might work in panel-style lights where there’s often a layer of diffusion to blend the lights together – it’s a different story with a point source light, where the results can be ugly if you don’t have a single emitter.

To solve this issue Aputure have worked with their manufacturer to develop their own technology. Called CSP, it allows the light to dim consistently throughout the colour range with no fringing or other artefacts.

With great colour comes slightly less output

Aputure 300X bi-colour light control box
New controls for CCT, otherwise the control unit should look familiar to users of the 300d Mk II

Having the convenience of bi-colour does mean you pay a price in terms of brightness though. Between 4400K-5500K Aputure say you’ll have about the same brightness as a 300d Mk I.

At the extreme ends of the colour range (2700K and 6500K) the 300X offers about the same brightness as an Aputure 120d Mk II.

The body of the 300X is similar to the 300d Mk II, with the addition of some carbon fibre plating.

Aputure 300X availability

There’s no word on pricing yet, but Aputure hope to have the 300X available to buy early next year.

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