Blackmagic Design release free BRAW plugin for Premiere Pro and Avid

While editing BRAW in DaVinci Resolve is very easy it wasn’t fully supported for other NLEs. BRAW Studio, a $25 third party solution, was available for Premiere Pro – however it wasn’t optimized to use the GPU making it a bit clunky for larger projects.

davinci resolve 15@2x

Today Blackmagic Design released an official plugin for Premiere Pro and Avid. The plugin looks and works just like it does in DaVinci Resolve. The main difference is that within Premiere and Avid the plugin only uses the CPU and doesn’t currently leverage GPU compute power. Blackmagic say they are currenlty working with Adobe to get the plugin GPU-enabled.

This plugin much needed: BRAW is very easy to edit with but not being able to use it in the more popular Premiere Pro and Avid NLE’s made it tough to commit to shooting it. That’s all changed now and will open up shooting BRAW to a much wider range of users.

The plugin will be available today for download. You can find it included in the Blackmagic RAW download under ‘Professional Cameras.’

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