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Frame.iov3.5 has been released with plenty of new features. Among the new additions are a new advanced search function, new player controls, secure sharing, range based commenting and an updated iOS 2.0 app.

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Advanced search

You can now easily search for the right asset with a new advanced search function. Combine multiple filters—like date, file type, uploader, and more.

New player controls

The media player now has fine-grained playback speeds from your settings (for 1.25x, 1.5x and 1.75x) so you can view videos at faster speeds. The JKL keys, can also now be used to accelerate or decelerate from your default speed to 2x, 4x, and 8x.

Range-based comments and precision scrubbing

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With the introduction of range-based comments you can now identify an IN and OUT point for your comments.

You can now create a range by holding down the R key during playback, which is great for selecting sounds based on the rhythm of the music. Range-based comments flow into your NLE just like any other comment. has also overhauled player navigation to make scrubbing smoother and more accurate. By holding down the Shift key while scrubbing you can control the precision of your scrubbing—making it easier to find a cut point, even with a multi-hour video.

iOS 2.0

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Many of the web features have been added to the revamped iOS 2.0 app. starts at $17 US for a Pro account and $44 US per month for a team account. You can try out for free with a seven day trial.

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