Sound Devices MixPre II Series features 32-bit float recording

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Sound Devices has announced the MixPre II series, the follow up to their highly successful MixPre audio recorders.

The new MixPre II series models are:

  • MixPre-3 II (3-Channel / 5-Track Multitrack 32-Bit Field Recorder)
  • MixPre-6 II (6-Channel / 8-Track Multitrack 32-Bit Field Recorder)
  • MixPre-10 II (10-Channel / 12-Track Multitrack 32-Bit Field Recorder)

What’s New in the MixPre II models?

  • Bit depth up to 32-bit float for increased dynamic range.
  • Record up to 192 kHz.
  • Faster, more advanced hardware.
  • Internal LTC Timecode Generation and Output.
  • Adjustable Limiters.
  • Auto-copy to USB Drive.
  • Pre-roll buffer increased to 10 seconds.
Sound Devices MixPre II Series

The new Sound Devices MixPre II Series audio recorders feature 32-bit float recording, timecode generators, 192 kHz recording, adjustable limiters, auto-copy to USB drives, and extended Pre-roll. The MixPre-10 II TA3 balanced outputs are now +18 dBu with support from Reaper, iZotope RX7, Audacity, Adobe Audition, and other applications accept 32-bit float files and allow you to attenuate signal recorded above 0 dBFS. Apple Logic does not support 32-bit float files recorded over 0 dBFS, the audio above 0 dBFS is truncated.

Sound Devices MixPre II Series

The MixPre II has a very powerful feature called ReMix/ReRecord which allows you to simultaneously playback a file and records a new L/R mix while adjusting the gains with the fader knobs.

Sound Devices MixPre II Series

The MixPre II recorders feature Sound Devices’ own patented topology of multiple analog-to-digital converters. These converters appear in the circuitry after the Kashmir microphone preamplifier stage. They enable the recording of very-low distortion, ultra-high dynamic range audio. The MixPre II’s A-to-D’s can resolve more than 142 dB of dynamic range. Together with their Kashmir microphone preamplifiers and 32-bit float files, the MixPre II captures audio that is limited only by the capabilities of the microphone.

Sound Devices MixPre II Series

The new MixPre II models, like the original MixPre-3, MixPre-6, and MixPre-10T recorders, offer the same discrete class-A Kashmir microphone preamplifiers with an exceptionally low noise-floor regardless of the gain setting. The recorder’s input gain, whether set high or very low, produce excellent results.

Sound Devices MixPre II Series

The Mixpre II comes with a handy headphone knob “tire”. This allows for easy fingertip operation. Conveniently, this tire is removable in case large connectors or cables get in the way. 

Price & Availability

Sound Devices MixPre II Series

The MixPre II series will be available soon. The prices are as follows:

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