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Lume Cube PANEL full spectrum Bi-Color LED Light that is thinner than your iPhone

Lume Cube PANEL Sony 3

Today Lume Cube announced the launch of a fourth light to their line of specialty LEDs, the Lume Cube PANEL is a full spectrum bi-color LED panel designed for content creators. Lume Cube states the Panel utilizes the best possible LED specs on the market and is jam-packed with features that make the Panel versatile and user friendly (not to mention, they’ve included the ability for the Panel to double as a Power Bank to charge your phone, camera, or any USB-chargeable device!)

Lume Cube PANEL iPhone charge

“​The PANEL was designed with the filmmaker and traveling content creator in mind. It is thinner than an iPhone allowing it to easily fit in your pocket or camera bag, adapts to any environment with adjustable color temperature and power, and still provides a professional output of 1600 lux @ .5m and a CRI of 96+. It is the most professional-quality LED light we’ve ever created.”

Co-Founder & VP of Sales and Marketing at Lume Cube, Riley Stricklin
Lume Cube PANEL back

The Panel is Lume Cube’s first bi-color LED in their portable lighting line, which allows content creators to adjust their color temperature on the fly to adapt to their surroundings. The intuitive LCD control screen on back not only provides data on battery life, color temperature, and brightness, but also communicates how long your Panel will last at any specific brightness setting, making it a great lighting tool for events.

Lume Cube PANEL vlog

The Panel features a sleek design to look great on top of any camera and new battery technology packed inside a slim build (approximately the size of an iPhone X), achieving an output of 1600 LUX at .5m and lasting 3+ hours at half brightness. It also doubles as a power bank to charge your phone, camera, or any USB-chargeable devices.

Lume Cube PANEL log

Key features

  • Bi-Color​: ranging from 3200k – 5600k Color Temperature with the push of a button
  • Premium LEDs ​- Consists of 180 LEDs and pushes out 1600 LUX @ .5m with a CRI of
  • Fully Adjustable​ – Adjust brightness from 5% – 100% in 5 percent increments.
  • LCD Control Screen ​- The LCD screen on the back gives ultimate control to the user.
    Read your color temperature, brightness setting, battery, and expected run time at the current brightness setting.
  • USB-C and Micro USB ​- Recharge the Panel using the USB-C or Micro USB charging ports.
  • Long Run Times ​- 7.5+ hours on 5% brightness, 3+ hours on 50% brightness, and 90 minutes on full brightness
  • Doubles as a Power Bank ​- Recharge any USB-chargeable device using the 5v out port on the Panel.
  • 1⁄4 20 Mounting System
  • Dimensions​ – 151 x 80 x 9.8mm
  • Weight – ​180g
  • What’s Included ​- The Panel, Softening Diffuser, Velvet Carrying Pouch, Cold Shoe
    Camera Mount, Micro US

The new Lume Cube Panel is available now for 149.95 and can be purchased direct from Lume Cube.

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