Aputure Bowens Mount Spotlight Officially Released

The long-awaited Aputure Spotlight is officially released. I had a play with the first-ever Bowens mount spotlight modifier at NAB 2019 and it looked really complete. Yes, it did take a bit longer but I have to say it’s always better to fix whatever you can and make it work right out of the gate. Fingers crossed this is the case.

A spotlight modifier is basically what the name implies. It’s designed to give hyper sharp cuts of light with the four included blades plus it’s very punchy with an excellent throw when used with the 300d.

Aputure Spotlight Mount

To create an adjustable circle of light Aputure has an optional $99.00 pop in iris modifier or use a Gobo with a pattern or logo and display it on a wall or backdrop. So many creative uses.

Apiuture Spotlight Main features

  • Interchangeable Lens
  • Aluminum Alloy Die-Cast
  • Minimal Edge Fringing
  • Modular Design
  • Hi-Res Lens
  • Easy Sharp Cuts
  • Even Light Spread
  • Std. B-Sized Gobo
  • Removable Gel FRAME
  • Std. Bowens Mount
  • Dual Junior/Baby Mount
  • Low CCT Deviation
  • 10X OutputT W/ 120D II
  • 2K Resolution
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Aputure Spotlight Kit

Aputure offers three different Spotlight Kits that you will have to choose from. The lenses at the front of the unit are interchangeable and come in 19°, 26°, and 36° versions. The wider you go the larger the projection will be. This versatility allows you to use the Spotlight in different room sizes and special applications. Pricing for individual lenses is $259 each and the one lens kit retails for $499.

Aputure Spotlight Mount

The Spotlight kit comes in a rugged road case to keep it protected when in transit. This is a case you will use.

Aputure Spotlight fixture Gallery


Aputure claims that the Spotlight Mount allows the 120d II to produce 10 times its original output. The high-resolution lenses are said to produce an even beam of light, with minimal light falloff on the edges, while maintaining a shift in color temperature of fewer than 200 degrees Kelvin.

Aputure Spotlight in Action

Aputure Spotlight Mount
Aputure Spotlight Mount

The Aputure Spotlight Mount looks to be very durable and is housed in an aluminum alloy die-cast metal body. The Spotlight has the same heavy-duty yolk design as the new 300D MKII to keep it firmly locked down.

Dual Junior/Baby Mount

The Spotlight Mount is created with rigging in mind with a dual Junior/Baby mount so it can be attached to anything from a C-Stand to a Combo Stand or underslung from a lighting grid.

When attached to a Light Storm COB the fixture is long and heavy so expect to use a stand with a higher weight limit for safety.

Minimal Edge Fringing

Aputure Spotlight Mount

Aputure claims that the Spotlight Mount’s new lens technology minimizes chromatic aberrations around the edge of the illumination circle. They say that compared to similar ellipsoidal fixtures, the Spotlight Mount significantly decreases its edge color fringing to a mere 1mm at a distance of 0.5meters.

Modify your modifier

Aputure Spotlight Mount

The kit includes three drop-in metal gobos. These thin discs with designs punched out of them are projected with clarity and fidelity. You can also shape the light by inserting metal barn doors which will give you a very straight, clean-cut edge. There is a vast selection of Gobos available to purchase and you can also have them custom cut with your art or a customers logo.

Price & Availability

Aputure Spotlight Mount

Pre-orders officially are open and price are as follows:

Hopefully, Aputure will send Newsshooter one to test out for a full review.

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