Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapter for DEFY Cadence Cablecam

Ignite Digi’s TB50 adapters for the Freefly Movi Pro have been a popular add on for owners, providing an alternative battery solution using DJI’s larger TB50 batteries.

TB50 Battery Adapter DEFY Cadence Cablecam 1

They have now created a new TB50 Battery Adapter for the DEFY Cadence Cablecam.

A quick look at the DEFY Cadence Cablecam

The DEFY Cadence is a compact cablecam system that can slide at up to 30mph. It uses a long-range RF system so you can run it long distances while being powered by a single 6s LiPo 10,000 mAh (222Wh) battery.

It’s half the size of the larger 48V & 24V Dactylcam Pro and supports any handheld gimbal. Many Cadence users use their cablecam with either the MoVI Pro or Ronin 2.

Cablecams make a lot of sense when working above crowds or covering long distances in challenging terrain where a drone may not be feasible. The Cadence retails for $12,500 USD.


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Key features

  • Powering the Cadence with 2 x TB50 batteries = 195 watt-hours (Wh) total.
  • Push-button release and hot-swappable: lets you retain your endpoints on the Defy Cadence cablecam when changing batteries.
  • Compatible for air travel with each TB50 battery under <100Wh.
  • The 6S TB50 batteries will run the Cadence at its maximum sled speed, with no performance compared to the standard battery.
  • XT90 cable is located in the back of the adapter plate, plugs straight into the Cadence, keeping it safe and contained from any snagging and the cable.
  • Mounts securely with 4 x ¼” 20 x ½” screws (8 included).
    TB50 intelligent batteries are 97.58Wh each, 195Wh per pair.
  • Optional safety plate included for increased battery locking when flying over large crowds.
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia by Ignite Digi.
Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapter for DEFY Cadence Cablecam

The TB50 adapter plate is CNC machined and looks very similar to the Movi Pro plates. The dual battery plate attaches seamlessly to the Cadence using four screws.

The XT90 cable connects to the Cadence and is tucked away inside. The two bays are hot-swappable, letting you retain your endpoints on the Cadence cablecam when changing batteries with no need to power down.

Compared to running a 6s, 10,000mAh LiPo battery (which is 222Wh making them not airline safe), two TB50 batteries provide 8520mAh (195Wh) so you are only getting a capacity reduction of just over 10% and have a little less run time than 6s LiPos. Since you’re using two batteries, it does mean you can easily bring them on a plane as they are under the 160Wh limit, at 97.58Wh each.

Using the TB50 batteries, you will still be able to run the Cadence at full speed, up to 30mph.

TB50 Battery Adapter DEFY Cadence Cablecam 2
An extra safety stop is provided

For additional safety, a safety stop is included which can be attached to the top after mounting batteries which will prevent the batteries from coming off unintentionally. Especially useful when flying over crowds.

By using one battery type for gimbal and cablecam, you can streamline your gear as you only have to have one type of battery charger.

TB50 Battery Adapter DEFY Cadence Cablecam

The TB50 Battery Adapter: DEFY Cadence Cablecam retails for $1,300 AUD and is available in orange or black.

TB50 batteries retail for $159 USD and are the same batteries used to power the Ronin 2 & Inspire 2 drones so they are widely available.

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