DJI Digital FPV System

DJI has announced the new Digital FPV System which offers HD 720p/120fps resolution transmission for a better FPV flying experience.

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DJI’s Paul Pan as Ant-Man

We have seen FPV drones being used more and more for cinematography purposes. You may have seen some of these newer FPV drones, carrying a mirrorless camera, even a RED. Below is a BTS look with Beverly Hills Aerial who have been doing a lot of interesting FPV setups with larger cameras.

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Unlike traditional aerial cinematography, FPV drones provide a unique perspective, are usually flying at much faster speeds and can be manoeuvred acrobatically in the air. As a sport, FPV racing is also growing at a rapid pace.

Check out some footage from Johnny FPV using a GoPro Hero 7

What is the Digital FPV System?

DJI’s Digital FPV System comprises of the FPV goggles, FPV air unit & remote control.


Many current FPV systems are still using analog systems with RCA plugs. Yep, remember those.

DJI’s system is completely digital and offers 720P resolution at 120fps with a claimed latency of 28ms. While it is a digital system, the DJI FPV goggles can still be used with an analog image transmission.

DJI FPV Experience Combo 2
The goggles use four Omni-directional antennas

The goggles use four omnidirectional antennas, with 8 being able to be used simultaneously.

To power the goggles, you need to use an external battery with a voltage range of 7.4-17.6 V. Customers are recommended to use 4S batteries. The total power consumption is about 7 W. The battery life of one 4S 1600mah battery is 3.5 hours when used continuously.

DJI FPV Experience Combo 1

The goggles can also record directly to a Micro SD card

DJI FPV Experience Combo 4
The DJI FPV Air Unit

The FPV Air Unit can record onto a Micro SD card at 1080p60.

What drones can I use it with?

Since the Air Unit can be attached to any FPV drone, there isn’t a specific compatibility list but DJI recommends the following:

Pricing & Availability

DJI FPV Experience Combo 5
The FPV Experience Combo with two Air Units

The FPV system is available at a discount from launch.

DJI FPV Experience Combo – $819 USD

FPV Fly More Combo comes with the goggles, remote and one air unit. You will need to select which flying mode you want your remote set to, either Mode 1 or Mode 2.

DJI FPV Fly More Combo – $929 USD

Have you tried an FPV drone? let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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