Intellytech POCKET-V: Miniature 98Wh V-Mount Battery System

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Intellytech has announced the Pocket-V 98Wh, 14.8V, V-Mount battery. We have been seeing a lot of batteries getting shrunk down in size, while still maintaining decent capacities. Intellytech is now jumping on that miniature V-lock battery train.

The Pocket-V 98Wh weighs in at 453.6 g (1 lb) and has physical dimensions of 3.9″ x 2.75″ x 1.9″ (9.9 cm x 6.9 cm x 4.8 cm).

The Pocket-V can be used on cameras, lights, monitors, or anywhere else that requires power from a V-mount battery. The battery can support up to 12A which is pretty impressive as most other micro-sized batteries can only support up to 6A, thus limiting their capable power options due to their low power output.

Intellytech POCKET-V

USB & D-Tap Ports are both included for external power sources. Additionally, an LED Indicator is located on the side to show the remaining battery life.

Double Down

Intellytech POCKET-V

By using an optional Pocket-V Dual Plate, you can stack two Pocket-V’s onto one plate, creating a 196Wh Battery. This is a good option for the traveling cameraman that need to fly with batteries under 100Wh, but wants to use higher capacity batteries with longer run times.

Intellytech sells a Pocket-V Dual Battery Plate – V-Mount to V-Mount as well as a Pocket-V Dual Battery Plate – V-Mount to Gold Mount. Both Dual Battery Plates feature 2x D-Tap Ports with a max load of 50W.


More and more micro and mini V-lock batteries are starting to enter the market. Here are some of the other 98Wh offerings available:

Price & Availability

The battery and battery plates are now available to purchase. The Pocket-V 98Wh retails for $199 USD. The battery plates cost $195 USD.

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