mTuber 2 for FCPX

mTuber 2 for FCPX is designed specifically for Vloggers who want to add a bit of flair to their videos.

mTuber 2 for FCPX

The plugin features a bunch of drag and drop and customizable templates for adding social media links and subscribe buttons directly into your videos.

mTuber 2, just like most FCPX plugins looks very easy to use.

There is also pointer icons which can be used when referring to specific items in your video, titles, logo animations, backgrounds, and icons.

mTuber 2 for FCPX

There is also a nice feature called Ending Scenes that allows YouTubers to bring up other videos that they want their subscribers to see.

Above you can watch a tutorial that shows you how to create Ending Scenes.


mTuber 2 for FCPX

mTuber 2 for FCPX costs $79 USD. It requires FCPX 10.4.6 to work.

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