MASV Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

MASV has announced a new integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Screen Shot 2019 07 19 at 10 09 59 AM

For video professionals, this means they can export full project files (for collaboration), files from their bin, or project sequences. With project sequences, you can export to Media Encoder with any preset and then automatic upload / send through MASV the rendered output.

Baked into the MASV Panel is the same technology that is used in their Desktop App to make the transfers ultra-reliable, fast, and capable of handling network disruptions.

MASV Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

MASV is capable of maxing out your internet speeds both for you as the sender and your client or collaborator on the downloading end. MASV transfers 10X faster than Dropbox and at minimum 3X faster than WeTransfer all without file size limits or needing to manage storage.

Screen Shot 2019 07 19 at 10 08 35 AM

With MASV, you only pay for the data you deliver at $0.25 per gigabyte of data downloaded. For video pros, this means it’s super simple to bill your clients back for their exact costs allocated to that project and there are no other fees whatsoever so if you have a slow month it will cost you nothing.

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