Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries

The Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries were first shown at NAB earlier this year. The batteries are now shipping.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a plethora of compact and small V-Mount batteries coming to market. Bebob has three versions of its Vmicro batteries available:

Bebob has three versions of its Vmicro batteries available:

Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries

The smallest V45micro weighs in at 330g and has physical dimensions of 75 x 101 x 32mm. At 330g

Key features

  • USB and Twist D-Tap outputs
  • Maximum discharge current 10A
  • Supports power data protocol from ARRI, RED, and SONY
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Made in Germany


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Bebob claims that their Vmicro series are the smallest V-mount batteries on the market. Well, let’s see how they compare to some of the competition:

V45microHawk-woods M50FXLION NANO ONE
Weight330g (11.64oz)300g (10.58oz)310g (10.9oz)
Dimensions75 x 101 x 32mm70 x 100 x 35mm71 x 100 x 35mm
V150microHawk-woods M150
Weight800g (1.76 lb)607g (1.34 lb)
Dimensions75 x 101 x 65mm70 x 100 x 63mm

Design & Features

Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries

The Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries were designed to be small and compact, but also strong, reliable, and versatile.

Bebob claims that the batteries have been designed to withstand falls from 4.9′. If the battery does crack for some other reason, any mechanical component is replaceable by Bebob thanks to the modular design.

Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries

In a nice touch, when the battery capacity weakens after years of use, the batteries can be re-celled at a discount by Bebob. To help decide when to re-cell, a status alarm is built into the battery that triggers a yellow LED indicator when the capacity drops below 80% over time and a red LED when below 60%.

Another unique design feature of the batteries is that they have a twist D-Tap. The twist D-Tap features three pins, a positive ground pin in the center, and a negative one on each side of the positive. You can plug in your cable one way or flip it around and connect it the other way. The batteries also have a USB port for charging your mobile devices, Mac laptop, or any other compatible piece of equipment.

The lithium-ion trimix cells are made in Japan and offer a max draw of 10A and come in capacities of 43Wh, 98Wh, and 147Wh.

The batteries all feature a 5-step LED fuel gauge and they are compatible with Bebob, IDX, and Sony chargers. Charging time is approximately 1.5 hours when using Bebob VS2/VS4 chargers.


Bebob Vmicro V-Mount batteries

Here are the prices of the Bebob Vmicro batteries:

These prices are pretty competitive. As a comparison, the Hawk-woods M150 retails for $513.60 USD. The FXLION NANO ONE costs $179 USD.

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