Digital Heaven makes FCPX plug-ins available for free

Digital Heaven has announced its freeware range for FCPX has been significantly enhanced with the addition of 10 video plug-ins that were previously on sale for almost $180 USD.

These free plug-ins include animated counters, split-screen effects, burned-in subtitles, fixing of dead pixels on footage and six dynamic transitions.

Digital Heaven was one of the first plug-in developers for the Final Cut Pro platform, and they have continued to do so for the last 16 years. Digital Heaven has a long track record of making some of their plug-ins available for free. Now six transitions plus two generators and two effects have been added to the freeware package.

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So let’s have a look at what you get.

6 x TRANSITIONS (Previously on sale for $29.99 USD)

  • DH_Flare: The classic lens flare transition gets a makeover with controls for changing the color, angle and a little twist.
  • DH_FrameRoll: Retro bumpy film splice effect with motion blur.
  • DH_LightFlash: Replicates the organic imperfection of light leaking into an old film camera.
  • DH_LightRays: Eye-popping rays transition with three selectable color modes and customizable positioning.
  • DH_Shutter: Mimics the lens shutter of a camera with iris and vertical styles.
  • DH_StretchPan: Whoosh-style transition adds dynamic movement between two shots with adjustable direction.


  • DH_CounterX: Creates animated timers with many configurable options. (Previously on sale for $29.99 USD)
  • DH_GridX: Displays a grid with up to 30 divisions to help with lining up on-screen elements.
  • DH_SubtitleX: The easy way to create subtitles with auto-sized background boxes. (Previously on sale for $29.99 USD)
  • DH_WideSafeX: Provides 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 action and title safe areas whilst working in 16:9 aspect ratio projects.


  • DH_BoxX: Makes it easier than ever to create split-screen effects. (Previously on sale for $29.99 USD)
  • DH_ReincarnationX: Fixes dead pixels on footage. (Previously on sale for $59.99 USD)

In addition, some of these plug-ins have been improved for this freeware release:

  • Up and Down directions have been added to DH_StretchPan.
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment. of background box has been added to DH_SubtitleX.
  • Maximum dead pixel dimensions have been increased in DH_ReincarnationX.


  • macOS 10.7 (or later).
  • Final Cut Pro 10.1 (or later)
  • Motion 5.1 (or later).


Digital Heaven Freeware for Final Cut Pro X is available now on request at the Digital Heaven website.

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