Mark Toia – Making His Own Rules

Screen Shot 2019 07 13 at 6 15 29 PM

On the latest T-Stop Inn, Mark Toia talks through step by step, how he became one of the most successful TV Commercial Directors in the world, constantly traveling the globe doing multimillion dollar ads.

Throughout his directing career, Mark has continued to be his own cinematographer initially on 35mm film and then making the transition to digital with RED. He has now used that success to be able to make a feature film called “ROBOT 4” with total creative and technical control.

If you aren’t familiar with who Mark Toia is, don’t worry, you have probably seen one of his commercials before, or his brilliant work for RED.

Mark is certainly one of the people I look up to in this industry, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that. The interview with Mark is very insightful and it’s amazing to hear just how involved he is in every process of his productions. By shooting, directing, editing, grading, and even doing a lot of his own VFX work he has built a reputation as being able to do things other directors can’t.

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