ARRI Stellar 1.5

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ARRI has released Stellar 1.5. In the update, they have added Live Sync, Export/Import capabilities, iCloud Backup, and made numerous other improvements.

If you aren’t familiar with Stellar, it is an intelligent app for professional lighting control that is available for iPhones and iPads. Stellar lets users automatically managing complex DMX settings when using ARRI SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures.

What’s new in Stellar 1.5?

Live Sync
Live Sync in Stellar is a new feature that enables real-time interaction between Stellar on separate devices. This allows multiple users to work on the same project and scene simultaneously, Live Sync now gives the ability to work collaboratively on the same file. ARRI is encouraging users to give feedback on this feature so that they can continue to add and improve it in future releases.

Stellar now has the ability to export and import projects, scenes, and favorites. You can use the three dots menu to export to the cloud, share wirelessly between devices, or email or message.

iCloud Backup
Stellar will now back up all your projects, scenes, and favorites to iCloud. This sync happens automatically and instantly, allowing you to have the same files across multiple devices using the same iCloud account.

Other Improvements
Stellar contains additional improvements including the ability to delete all favorites, improved lighting effect UI, blackout indicator for fixtures, improved RDM identify behavior, disconnected fixture visibility, bug fixes, and much more.

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STELLAR Key features

  • Create projects and scenes to organize your lighting setups
  • Automatic discovery of ARRI fixtures using RDM
  • Auto Layout (automatically manages DMX modes and addresses)
  • Unique and beautiful user interfaces for all color modes
  • Control CCT, HSI, RGBW, x,y Coordinates, Gel Selection, Source Matching and Lighting Effects
  • Select gel and source matching colors for the L-Series
  • Import a light plot diagram to visually layout fixtures
  • Advanced color gamut selection in x,y Coordinates
  • Group fixtures to control them at the same time
  • Favorites to store a custom color or lighting effect
  • Look creation to store scene color settings
  • Live Sync
  • Export/Import projects, scenes, & favorites
  • iCloud backup
  • Change settings of fixtures
  • Control the master intensity of all fixtures
  • Advanced search and sort functions
  • Quickly identify fixtures via RDM
  • Handles Art-Net compliant nodes and complex DMX networks
  • Assign names to fixture for easy referencing
  • Works on iPhones and iPads


Works with iPhones (5.5” and up) and iPads (9.7” and up), iOS 11 and up
Art-Net Gateways: SkyLink, SkyPanel (FW 4.1 and up), ENTTEC, Luminex

Subscription Based

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Stellar offers two subscription options for control of real world ARRI light fixtures which includes discovery of fixtures, adjustment of color and intensity output of fixtures, creating looks, saving favorites, and complete access to all other app features.

  • Yearly recurring fee of $99.99 (with one-time 2 week free trial)
  • Monthly recurring fee of $9.99 (with one-time 2 week free trial)

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