CookeOpticsTV – The cinematography of The Empire Strikes Back

On the latest episode of CookeOpticsTV, cinematographer Peter Suschitsky ASC talks to about his work on The Empire Strikes Back.

Screen Shot 2019 07 03 at 9 36 57 AM
Image credit: Cooke

Peter explains how he lit Darth Vader, and how he used smoke to hide the fact the set had no background.

As a long time Star Wars fan, it is fascinating hearing about the challenges that Peter faced when filming The Empire Strikes Back. Peter talks about shooting with 100 ASA film stock, as well as how he managed to illuminate the lightsabers without that light affecting the actors.

Here at Newsshooter, we are big fans of CookeOpticsTV, and we think our audience will be too. Going forward we have arranged with Cooke to publish episodes of CookeOpticsTV. The information available in these episodes is invaluable and extremely educational.

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