Zhiyun Top Player Video Challenge

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Zhiyun is running the Top Player Video Challenge, a competition offering prizes worth up to $18,000 USD to creative video makers who use the companies products.

The competition runs until August 31st and is sponsored by Nikon, Atomos, Rode, Aputure, Moma, Lennon, Videogoal and CineHello.com. Judges include noted filmmakers and Zhiyun brand ambassadors Brandon Li and Rah Sharma, who will be looking for creativity, originality, storytelling, film-making skill and post-production ability.

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The Zhiyun Top Player Video Challenge competition is open to all video makers who make use of Zhiyun’s natural stabilizing “Breathing Effect”, Full-Range POV, or Vortex Mode with the CRANE 2.

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Above are the conditions for the submission.


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Prizes include the Nikon Z6 camera, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Zhiyun WEEBIL LAB Master Package, Zhiyun WEEBIL LAB Creator Package as well as a huge range of great equipment from other sponsors, plus generous cash prizes. In addition, Zhiyun will promote the best winning entries online and even in offline exhibitions.

Deadline for entries

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Entries must be submitted before August 31st, and winners will be announced on September 9th. Please visit Zhiyun’s website to carefully read the submission criteria and find out more information about this competition.

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