MASV Slack Collaboration, Desktop App, & Storage Update

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MASV has announced its June 2019 update which features a new integration with collaboration service Slack.

If you aren’t familiar with MASV, it’s the fastest and most reliable way for video and creative professionals to transfer time-critical, massive files.

MASV & Slack

The MASV Slack App combines video delivery service with Slack to enable new collaboration workflows for the 10-million-plus Slack users and the world’s 25-million creative professionals, many of who use Slack every day.

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Slack is used by many video pro’s to manage their workflow. MASV now notifies users when packages are sent, deliveries are received, and about key events like new users joining a team. Integrating with Slack will help users spend less time bouncing between the browser and their channels which should save them time.

The integration allows teams to collaborate on projects that exceed the size limits of generic file sharing services. The new MASV app for Slack is available at ​​.

MASV has an expertise in network acceleration that allows us to reliably deliver huge video files over the cloud. Combining this with the simplicity of Slack just makes sense. It makes collaborating on cloud video projects easier and perfectly matches the way creatives are working today.”

Greg Wood, VP of Products at MASV

New Desktop Apps

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MASV’s June update also includes the debut of a new MASV Desktop App for macOS and Windows. The app removes the file transfer limitations of conventional web browsers and more consistently outperforms the browser when file sizes exceed 80+GB.

MASV Desktop​ now lets you reliably send enormous video files and other data over a high-performance global network, taking advantage of a users’ maximum possible bandwidth speed. This displaces the need for hard-drive shipping enabling users to support RAW and proxy footage workflows over the internet.

MASV have done public beta testing where desktop apps have been able to easily transfer multi-terabyte (TB) packages, including those with 150,000+ component files, all without transfer-killing disconnects, firewall/IT headaches or expensive subscriptions. The apps can be downloaded for free at​.

Extended Delivery with Pay-As-You-Go Storage

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MASV’s June update also adds new pay-as-you-go storage options, which allows MASV users to extend MASV’s standard 10-day delivery window. The new extended delivery service allows users to keep transfers active for the duration of a project, knowing that files will securely disappear following the closure of their delivery window.

Other June updates include:

  • Embeddable Portals ​- ​MASV Portals​ allows you to receive files from clients, partners, and suppliers by providing a branded link to a portal where users can upload content super-fast. As of June 2019, ​Embeddable Portals​ provides a simple embed code so users can pack the power and performance of MASV’s global accelerated network directly into any website — ideal for creative agencies ingesting video content for any number of projects.
  • MASV API​ – The MASV API (​​) was introduced in May 2019 and receives updates continuously. Developers and Technology Providers serving the post-production and creative professional markets can use the MASV API to create automatic transfer workflows.

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