DJI RoboMaster S1 – Intelligent Educational Robot

DJI has just announced the RoboMaster S1 Intelligent Educational Robot. The RoboMaster S1 aims to educate users on science, math, physics & programming.

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The DJI RoboMaster S1

Key features

  • Intelligent Controller
  • S1 Blaster
  • 2-axis Mechanical Gimbal
  • Mecanum Wheels – 4WD Omnidirectional movement
  • High-Performance Motor
  • Intelligent Sensing Armor
  • Scratch 3.0 & Python Coding Support
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The RoboMaster S1 features a number of built-in AI modes, including line recognition, vision marker recognition, individual recognition, clap recognition, gesture recognition and S1 robot recognition.

dji robomaster s1 3

In addition to the programming education, there are a few gameplay modes, including racing, free-for-all, target race & target practice.

dji robomaster s1 2

While there is plenty of fun to be had, at the core of the RoboMaster S1 is its ability to be customised by the user, teaching programming concepts and problem-solving skills to younger users.

To get users started, there is a video course called RoboAcademy which offers programming video guides. Users can also progress through The Road to Mastery, a series of projects that the users need to solve.

While the RoboMaster is not specifically a filmmaking tool, it makes you wonder what DJI could be working on. DJI has already implemented a number of intelligent features in its drones, so why can’t they do it on the ground. Imagine a larger version of the RoboMaster, capable of carrying the Ronin-S or Ronin-2. Being able to follow a specific route, or follow a subject.

The RoboMaster S1 is currently available to order in China, Japan & the United States for $499 USD.

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The modular build of the RoboMaster S1

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