Wooden Camera Power Strip for Sony Venice Rialto

Wooden Camera has created a Power Strip for the Sony Venice Rialto which is designed as an extension of the D-Box.

This is used to provide power to other accessories mounted to the extension head like monitors & lens motors.

IMG 3402

The Sony Rialto Power Strip attaches to the back of the Sony Rialto (Venice Extension Head) by two captive 1/4-20 screws and provides two 2pin LEMOs at 12V, two 3pin Fischers at 24V with R/S, and one D-Tap at 12V.

IMG 3410

Five velcro cable ties are included to attach the included 110 inch (279cm) Y cable to the Rialto Head cable.

Pricing & Availability

The Rialto Power Strip will retail for $495 USD and will be shipping in a few weeks.

The D-Box for Sony Venice is required to use the Rialto Power Strip and retails for USD $1,195.

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