Vibesta Peragos – compact LED lights

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UPDATE – We’ve been contacted by Rotolight, who have indicated that they are actively pursuing legal action against Vibesta for IP infringement of their patents and design registration. We have made the decision to keep the article online until such time as a legal ruling is made, and will continue to update it as new information is available.

The Vibesta Peragos is a brand new series of compact lights that offer high levels of brightness, full RGBWW control, built-in cine effects library, high speed flash sync and wireless control.

There are three different versions of the light available. A RGBWW version, a Bi-color version, and a high output daylight version. All three versions weigh in at just 350 g (12.35 oz).

“Perago” in Latin means “to complete the task.”

Who is Vibesta?

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights
Vibesta Capra 20

If you are like me you have probably never heard of Vibesta before. Vibesta has actually been around since 2015 and they have brought quite a lot of LED lights to market.

Circular Shape

If your first reaction is, “Haven’t I seen this light before?” you wouldn’t be alone. The Vibesta Peragos not only looks very similar to a Rotolight Neo/Neo 2, but it also features a lot of the same functionality.

It also appears that one of the Vibesta Peragos images that was initially on their website looked to be identical to one of Rotolight’s own media images (as you can see in the gallery above). However, it is important to note this image was replaced on the Vibesta website before Rotolight emailed us about it.

There are only so many forms a light can take on and I think because the Vibesta Peragos is round, the natural assumption is that it is just a copy of the NEO/NEO 2. We’ve been told that Rotolight holds a design registration on this style of light.

Unlike the Rotolight NEO 2, the Vibesta Peragos has a built-in diffusion panel.

It’s not always hip to be square

Screen Shot 2019 05 23 at 4 05 37 PM

Most panel style LED lights we see are either square or rectangular in shape. There has only been a handful of companies that have made circular LED lights. There are only a handful of other companies that I can think of off the top of my head who have made circular LED lights (if you don’t count ring lights), and that’s Rotolight and Fotodiox.

The whole rationale for making a light round is to create a catchlight effect in the eye, and to give it a flattering wrapping light quality.

What can they do?

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Well, this entirely depends on which model you choose. Here are the three different versions:

  • Vibesta Peragos Disk 304P (daylight only)
  • Vibesta Peragos Disk 304B (Bi-color)
  • Vibesta Peragos Disk 30C (RGBWW)

So what features do they have?

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Output- Vibesta claims that the 304P can output 3212 lux (298 fc) at a distance of 1 meter. The 304B can output 1991 lux (185 fc) when used at 4400K, and that the 30C RGBWW can output 500 lux (46 fc) when used at 5600K.

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Beam Angle – The Daylight only and Bi-color versions have a beam angle of 30° and 50° respectively. The RGBWW version has a beam angle of 120°

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

CCT- The 304P is a 5600K only fixture, the 304B is Kelvin color adjustable from 3200K to 5600K, and the 30C can be used anywhere between 2400-9900K.

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

HSI Color Mode & Gel Library– This is only available on the 30C RGBWW version. Choose any color intuitively in HSI mode. Select hue, saturation, and intensity to create the color you need.

The 30C has 200 digital gel filters are built into the fixture.

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Built-in Effects- The Vibesta Peragos has built-in effects that simulate Club, Candle, Cop Car, Fire, Fireworks, Light strobe, Lightning, Paparazzi, and Television. The 304P and 304B have a basic set of effects, while the 30C has more advanced options.

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Wireless Control- Every Peragos Disk includes a built-in wireless receiver so that it can be controlled by any ArtNet compatible app with the upcoming wireless router*.

*needs optional RTX1 router

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Flash mode (only available with the 304P & 304B)-Flash mode without any recycle time at 200% of the maximum continuous light output to freeze action shots.

How is it powered?

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

You can power the Peragos disks by NP-F type batteries, normal AA batteries or via an AC adapter.

Mounting Points

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

With its compact size and low weight and it’s ¼” threading you can mount the light everywhere with simple grip equipment.


Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

This is where most small, compact and portable light fall over. I have yet to come across a light that falls in this category that I would personally consider bright enough to use as a key light in an interview situation. There is bound to be plenty of people who will argue with me about this, but I think that a light needs a minimum output of 2000 lux at a distance of 1 meter to be usable for just about any interview scenario.

Sure you could get away with a light with a lot less output, but try using one to match any type of mildly bright background without having to place it 2 feet from your subjects head.

On paper at least, the Vibesta Peragos 304B (Bi-color) looks to have a very similar output to the Rotolight NEO 2 when they are both used at 5600K. What you do need to take into account is that the Vibesta Paragos has a built-in diffusion panel, while the Rotolight NEO2 does not.

Screen Shot 2019 05 04 at 5 46 56 PM
Rotolight NEO 2 when used at 5600K

Above you can see that the Rotolight NEO 2 recorded an output of 1040 lx (96.8 fc) when used at 5600K at a distance of 1 meter.

Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Vibesta claims that the 304B (Bi-color) outputs 1068 lux (99 fc) at a distance of 1 m when set at 5600K.


Vibesta Peragos - compact LED lights

Up until the 17th June you can buy the various Peragos versions for the following prices:

These prices are very competitive given how much competition there is out there.

The Peragos Disk lights are significantly more affordable than the Rotolight NEO 2. The Pergos Disk 304 B (Bi-color) version which is the closest match to a Rotolight NEO2 is around $244 USD cheaper.

Mix & Match

Vibesta Peragos

The nice thing about the Peragos lights is that you can mix and match them to come up with a kit that that best suits your needs. If it was me I would probably build a kit of either 1x daylight version, 1x Bi-color version, and 1x RGBWW version. Or I would also be tempted to just go with 3 x daylight versions for the output they have.

We will be doing a full review of these lights at some stage and it will be interesting to see how they perform.

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