Homecoming & Mr. Robot Cinematographer Tod Campbell

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On this weeks Go Creative Show podcast, host Ben Concoli talks to Homecoming and Mr. Robot Cinematographer Tod Campbell.

You can listen to the episode above

Topics covered

On the podcast they talk about Tod’s camera and lens choices, creating a perfect one shot, creating LUTs with a colorist, the differences and the similarities in the cinematography of Mr. Robot and Homecoming.

  • How Tod got involved with Mr Robot
  • Working with different directing styles
  • Prepping for Homecoming
  • Transforming the Homecoming podcast into a TV series
  • The visual approach to the present and future in Homecoming
  • Filming the overheat shots
  • Working with colorists
  • Crafting flawless oner shots
  • Creating LUTs
  • Filming the most difficult sequence in Mr Robot

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