Tiffen DJI Osmo Action ND Filters

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Tiffen has announced new DJI Osmo Action ND Filter Kits.

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One of the nice things about the DJI Osmo Action is that you can attach ND filters to the front of the lens. Unfortunately, DJI’s ND filter kits are not available yet, so if you want to use ND filters you will need a third party solution.

Key features

  • Unmatched Color Fidelity
  • Ultra-low Reflection Rates
  • Multilayer and Hydrophobic Coating
  • Waterproof Surface and Scratch Prevention Technology
  • Includes a Compact Carrying Case
  • Includes 10 Year Warranty
Tiffen DJI Osmo Action ND Filters

The Tiffen DJI Osmo Action ND Filter Kits consists of a three-filter kit of neutral density polarizer filters and a six-filter kit of neutral density and neutral density polarizers available for DJI’s latest action camera.

Tiffen DJI Osmo Action ND Filters

The filters feature a multilayer and hydrophobic coating, waterproof surface and scratch prevention technology. Tiffen claims that the filters have ultra-low reflection rates and have unmatched color fidelity. The high definition optical glass has a ten-year warranty.

Matching our exclusive line of filters with the Osmo Action gives content creators the tools they need to enhance the cinematic footage they create with the device.

Andrew Tiffen, SVP of Marketing, The Tiffen Company
Tiffen DJI Osmo Action ND Filters

The DJI Osmo Action Filter Kits are as follows:

Each filter kit includes a compact carrying case. I’m surprised the filters only come in strengths of up to ND16. I often find that when I am using other DJI products such as the Osmo Pocket or Mavic 2 Pro that to maintain correct exposure and shutter speeds I need to use ND32 or sometimes even ND64.

The Tiffen Filter Kits for the DJI Osmo Action can be purchased for pre-order. The expected ship date is May 29, 2019.

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