CineMilled launches vehicle line of products with Hitch Mount

The Hitch Adaptor will be available in 2″, 1.25″ & 1.5″ sizes.

CineMilled is launching a new line of products for rigging vehicles, starting with the Billet Trailer Hitch Mount. For other regions, the hitch is also commonly known as a tow-bar.

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Key features

  • Completely modular. Standard 2″ trailer hitch size.
  • Solid aircraft aluminium billet design.
  • Fits 1″-1/4″ Speed Rail tube sizes. (2 clamps included)
  • ZERO lateral PLAY! Zero flex, no vibration no sway due to our bolted mounting design.

Different Speedrail Sizes

Common speed rail sizes used around the world.

The Hitch Adaptor is customisable, with four mounting points for the speed rail pipe clamps, plus an additional point on the front. Shims will be available to use different speed rail sizes. This gives you a lot of flexibility in your mounting options.

cm 3100 06a
The Speed Clamp uses four stainless steel pins to prevent any twisting of the clamp and lets you mount in 45-degree increments.

The Hitch Adaptor retails for $349.99 USD and is shipping now. The 1.25″ & 1.5″ options will be available soon.

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To join others in the vehicle rigging community, check out the Vehicle Rigging Facebook Group.

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