Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless system now shipping

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The Teradek Ace 500 wireless video system is now available. We first saw the Ace 500 at NAB last month.

The Ace 500, a budget-friendly, compact, ultralight wireless video system that delivers uncompressed 1080p60 video at up to 500 ft with claimed zero delay.

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless system now shipping

Key features

  • 500ft range
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sony L-Series, BP-U, BP-9 and Canon LP-E6 battery plates available
  • Send video from one transmitter to up to four receivers simultaneously

Who is it aimed at?

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The Teradek ACE 500 is an HDMI-only wireless video system that has been designed to be used with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, camcorders, and action cameras.

What makes the Ace better than other budget wireless systems?

Hollyland MARS 300 T and R
Hollyland Mars 300

There are plenty of cheaper HDMI wireless systems out there, so what makes the Ace 500 more versatile than the competition? A lot of cheaper HDMI systems such as the Hollyland Mars 300 ($499 USD for an RX and TX set) tend to have a shorter operating distance and they can also be subject to quite a bad delay. They are also not usually compatible with other wireless products that the company makes.

The Ace 500 has a claimed delay of less than 1ms. It is also compatibile with Teradek’s Bolt lineup, which means you can use it to transmit and receive video from any Bolt 500 or SmallHD FOCUS 500 device.

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless system now shipping

It actually makes for a pretty good package combining a SmallHD FOCUS 500 RX or TX with a Teradek ACE 500 RX or TX. This way you can get an on camera monitor or wireless video monitor and a lightweight transmitter or receiver for under $2,000 USD.

The nice thing about Teradek products is that rental houses everywhere carry them, so it’s very easy to source a replacement unit in a hurry.


Teradek Ace 500 – budget friendly wireless

The ACE 500 comes in a compact and lightweight form factor. The transmitter weighs just 126g (4.4oz) while the receiver weighs 146g (5.14oz), making themsuitable for use on gimbals and camera rigs of any size.

Based around the Bolt Design

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless system now shipping

The Ace 500 is said to be designed with the same reliability and performance as the Teradek Bolt line.

It looks like a Paralinx Ace

Teradek Ace 500 – budget friendly wireless

The Ace 500 basically looks to be a rebranded version of the Paralinx Ace.

Teradek Ace 500 – budget friendly wireless

In fact, it actually has Paralinx written o the bottom of it. Vitec bought Paralinx and it became part of Teradek.

Mounting Options

The Ace comes with a single ¼”-20 mounting point for mounting camera arms or hot shoes, and two 4-40” points for optional mounting brackets.

Power & Input/Outputs

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless system now shipping

The units feature HDMI input/output and can be powered via the 3.5mm barrel input using either a P-Tap/2pin power source or one of several battery plate accessories that are available. These include Sony L-Series, BP-U, BP-9, and Canon LP-E6 battery plates.

Pair with a SmallHD

You can pair the Ace with FOCUS monitors for an all-in-one handheld wireless monitoring solution. Ace transmitters can be paired with FOCUS RX, while Ace receivers can be paired with a FOCUS TX.


Teradek Ace 500 – budget friendly wireless

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