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Chimera F3 powered by LiteGear

The Chimera F3 powered by LiteGear is the next evolution of overhead light banks.

Chimera F3 powered by LiteGear

By using LiteGear’s technology, the F3 provides reliable, flicker-free dimming, CCT adjustability from 2600 to 6000K, all combined in a lightweight package that can be used in studios or on location.

Chimera F3 powered by LiteGear

The F3 can be adjusted to match other lighting environments including, HMI, tungsten, LED, and strobes. The F3 can be hung in a variety of ways, or it can be stand-mounted due to its lightweight.

Key features

  • Easy to build, strong aluminum frame
  • Can be quickly assembled – saving time and money
  • No tools required for assembly
  • 5×5 Kit fits in one 15” x 60” duffel for ease of portability
  • Stand alone or DMX control of intensity and CCT
  • 500/1000W of field proven LiteGear LED engines
  • CRI and TLCI > 95
Chimera F3 powered by LiteGear

The F3 is available in two versions, a 5×5 (1.52×1.52m), and a 5×10 (1.52 x 3.04m). The 5×5 weighs in at 21.3kg (47lb) and draws 500W of power.

The 5×5 is light enough that it can be checked in on commercial planes and taken on location. The 5’×5’ Kit fits in one 15” x 60” (0.4 x 1.5 m) duffel. You don’t need any tools to assemble it.

Chimera F3 powered by LiteGear

The larger 5×10 weighs 42.6kg and draws 1000W. It looks more suitable for studio use, and due to its weight, you couldn’t check it in if you were traveling. Both versions are only sixteen inches (0.4m) deep.

The F3 is easily adjustable locally or use DMX control to match or contrast any lighting environment.

Screen Shot 2019 05 11 at 10 19 38 AM

The 5×5 lists for: $8,900 USD and the 5×10 lists for: $16,600 USD.

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