Balance Large Lenses on the Freefly MōVi Pro and DJI Ronin 2 with Ignite Digi Accessory Mount

Australian based company Ignite Digi has launched new Accessory Mounts for Freefly & DJI gimbal users to easily mount counterweights directly to the gimbal cage when using large lens and camera packages, allowing the user to achieve optimal balance.

Ignite Digi create a number of camera accessories commonly used on gimbals, particularly their Tilt Offsets & TB50 Battery Plates for powering the Freefly MōVi.

Ignite Digi Ronin 2 Accessory Mounts3

Key features

  • Attach accessories like an HD transmitter or an MDR directly to the MōVi Pro & Ronin 2 gimbal cage. This transforms the users preexisting accessories into effective gimbal counterweight and minimises the total counterweight required to achieve balance on large lens and matte box setups.
  • Through­holes are 1⁄4” 20 UNC sized and 2 x screws are included
  • If additional weight is required, you’re able to mount Cinemilled 1 and 2” counterweights with the 3⁄8” holes on top and bottom.
  • Allows you to slide the camera all the way back on the Ronin 2 and MōVi Pro gimbal, retaining full tilt range and further minimising the overall counterweight required.
  • Freeing your camera from counterweight enhances quick mode changes between gimbal, handheld and tripod modes.
Ignite Digi Movi Pro Accessory Mounts2

The Accessory Mounts attach directly to the gimbal cage and offer a number of mounting holes in 1/4″ & 3/8″ sizes. Because of this, the mounts can also be used to support other accessories like a wireless transmitter or motor controller, making better use of the existing weight on the camera setup.

Some counterweight systems require you to add the weight to a cheese plate or other system directly onto the camera. This becomes an issue when you want to go from gimbal to handheld or other setup as you are now also having to carry this additional weight. Having the weights mounted on the gimbal means they are only used when required.

Ignite Digi Movi Pro Accessory Mounts1

Accessory Mounts are well­-suited for gimbal operators looking to minimise counterweight on large camera setups and quickly change between gimbal, handheld and tripod modes. Two versions have been specifically designed: one for Freefly Systems MōVi Pro and one for DJI’s Ronin 2 gimbal.

Ignite Digi’s chief engineer Chris Fox designed the Accessory Mounts as an extension to Ignite Digi’s Tilt Cage Offsets and quick change system.

“Our customers loved how the Tilt Cage Offsets transformed their gimbal for use with large lenses, but wanted a product to expand on this and completely free their camera from counterweight.

Chris Fox, Chief Engineer – Ignite Digi

DJI Ronin 2 & Freefly MōVi Options

Two versions of the mounts are available. One version for the DJI Ronin 2, and one for the Freefly MōVi Pro. Besides the different cage mounting requirements, the Ronin 2 version is also 5cm longer as it has a larger maximum payload.

Accessory Mounts are perfect for large lens setups with Cooke anamorphic or Angenieux zooms.

Pricing and Availability

The Accessory Mounts are compatible with Freefly Systems gimbals M10, M15 and MōVi Pro and DJI’s Ronin 2.

A pair of the Accessory Mounts retails for $250 AUD for the MōVi Pro and $275 AUD for the Ronin 2 edition. Available for purchase directly from Ignite Digi’s online store.


QuantitySold as a pair
Gimbal CompatibilityDJI Ronin 2
Weight220 grams for the pair (7.7 lb)
Diameter20 mm (0.79″)
Ronin 2 Mount Length190 mm (7.5″)
Materials6061-T651 aluminium and hard anodised for durability
Threaded holes (5)⅜” 16 UNC
Through holes (4)6.35 mm for ¼”-20 UNC
QuantitySold as a pair
Gimbal CompatibilityFreefly MōVi Pro
Weight170 grams (5.8 oz) for the pair
Diameter20 mm (0.79″)
MōVi Pro Mount Length140 mm (5.5″)
Materials6061-T651 aluminium and hard anodised for durability
Threaded holes (4)⅜” 16 UNC
Through holes (3)6.35 mm for ¼”-20 UNC

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