BMPCC 4K Modified to Add Articulating Flip Screen


On the Filmaker.cn forum, the user Power_cheung has posted a number of images showing a BMPCC4K, modified with a flip screen without making significant changes to the camera itself.

The screen is mounted onto a custom dual-axis hinge which allows the screen to not only pivot up & down for selfie view but rotate out from the base position. Unfortunately, there is no option to invert the display so your image is upside down when using the screen in selfie mode.

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Dual-axis rotation on the custom hinge

Power_cheung states that the modification may be made public with only minor modifications required to install the screen. He also states that you could make further modifications by removing the original screen, creating space to mount an SSD drive, or support a larger battery.

There are no invert display options in the menu
There are no invert display options in the menu

While it’s not stated, it does seem to be a different panel and not the existing panel so you could theoretically get a much more usable display, particular when viewing outdoors. The stock screen is pretty much unusable in the bright, outdoor sun.

Also seen in the photos is an unannounced ‘OMEGA Support Ring’ which seems to lock around the lens mount without providing additional mounting points for tripod plates, both on the bottom & the top of the camera.

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The secret ‘Omega Support Ring’

What do you think of the modifications? would you be interested in getting it done?

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