ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 E-Mount

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The ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 is a lightweight E-mount lens designed for use with drones.

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As the lens was made primarily with drones in mind ZEISS had to make the Ventum 2.8/21 as small and light as possible, yet still, offer outstanding image quality. The weight of the ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 has been reduced by 50% compared to the Interlock Compact 2.8/21. Any weight reduction allows a drone to stay airborne for longer.

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ZEISS Interlock Lenses

The Ventum 2.8/21 joins other ZEISS E-mount industrial lenses such as the 2.8/21, 2.4/25, 2/35, 2/50, and 2.4/85 Interlock Compact Lenses.

Key features

  • excellent image quality, leading to highest data precision over the complete image field
  • fixed infinity focus setting
  • lightweight mechanical design with reduced moving parts
  • robust full-metal alloy housing
  • 50% weight reduction to comparable lens
  • ZEISS Interlock Compact 2.8/21
  • splash-water and dust-resistant lens housing
  • covers line scan sensors up to 43 mm or are scan up to
    24×36 mm2

The E-Mount lens is compatible with large area-scan and line-scan sensors with an image circle of up to 43 mm and a pixel size starting at 2.8 µm. The aperture can be adjusted on the lens by 1/3 f-stops from F2.8 to F22. The locking and torque of the aperture ring are designed to prevent accidental adjustment due to vibrations or the movement of the drone through the air.

ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 E-Mount

ZEISS claims that the Ventum 2.8/21 offers outstanding optical quality in a compact and rugged aluminum housing. The aluminum housing is rugged and both dust and weather-resistant (IP64). It is designed to prevent the ingress of even ultra-fine dust and is resistant to rain or splash water on all sides.

ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 E-Mount

ZEISS goes on to say that the Ventum 2.8/21 stands out as an extreme wide-angle lens with exceptional optical imaging correction. The lens offers unmatched levels of contrast, resolution, and color fidelity across the entire imaging area. This saves time and computing power during post-processing and also provides more accurate data when calculating 3D models.

ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 E-Mount

The ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 isn’t really being tailored towards filmmakers, instead, it is designed for industrial applications such as cartography, creating three-dimensional models, inspections, surveys or monitoring project progress from the air.

With that being said there is no reason you couldn’t use this lens on any E-mount camera, and it may well be suited to use on lightweight gimbals. At just 227g it is considerably lighter than the ZEISS Loxia 21mm f/2.8 (394g).

ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 E-Mount


Focal length21mm
Aperture rangeHf/2.8 – f/22
Number of elements / groups11 / 9
Focus range (object to sensor)Fixed: set to ∞
Filter-threadM 52 x 0.75
Length (without caps)N67.8 mm (2.67”)
Weight (without caps)227 g (0.5 lbs)
Camera mountNE-mount

Price & Availability

The lens will retail for €1500 and it is now available to purchase. There is currently no indication of US pricing yet.

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