Timelapse+ announces STUDIO, a lightroom plugin

Timelapse+ has announced the new STUDIO lightroom plugin. It simplifies time-lapse organization and editing, all within Lightroom for a streamlined workflow.

If you work with time-lapses, you will know how crazy it can get with thousands of individual frames and folders.


Group Photos by Time-lapse: ​Quickly detect time-lapse sequences in the current library view (or your entire library if you need to get organized) and create a collection for each one. No more guessing where the first frame starts.


Automatically Identify Keyframes: ​STUDIO ​will intelligently identify transitions and mark them with a star, so you can focus on editing and be confident of the results.


Blend Keyframes & Animate Transitions: ​Once you’ve edited each of the keyframed (starred) images, use the Blend tool to smoothly blend the settings between each keyframe. It can also animate the crop for a Ken-Burns effect or even animate brushes and gradients for crazy stuff. Feel free to edit however you want — the blend tool will ensure a smooth output.


Preview Time-lapse inside Lightroom: ​Get a quick idea of how the time-lapse looks before waiting for it to export and render. Playback at various speeds and even scrub through frames.

Pricing & Availability

Timelapse+ STUDIO is available for $49 USD, but you can try the free 7-day trial from the website first.

For more advanced and complex timelapse, take a look at LRTimelapse 5. It is more expensive though, at 99.00 € for the private license and 249.00 € for the pro/commercial license.

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