Ready Rig VEGA Upgrade – Counterweight Module

DSC00080 4

Holding a full cinema package on a gimbal or handheld is no easy feat. The Ready Rig is commonly used to provide support when shooting with these packages. Ready Rig has now introduced the new VEGA counterweight module upgrade for the Ready Rig GS/Proarm vest.


The upgrade is a major improvement in reducing footsteps and adds weight support throughout the entire range of motion.

Key features

  • Easily installs on any existing Ready Rig vest in minutes
  • Increased performance without adding bulk
  • Evenly distributes the weight of the camera package throughout the entire boom range

Pricing for the VEGA upgrade has not yet been announced.

The standard (30lb) Ready Rig retails for $1,999 USD & the ProArm (40lb) for $2,598 USD.

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