Hawk Woods eight channel mini V-Lok battery charger

The Hawk Woods eight channel mini V-lok charger is designed to fit the company’s small V-mount batteries and to charge eight of them ‘semi-simultaneously.’

DSC 0587

What that means is you can load it up with eight batteries, it will charge the top four first and then the bottom four. So no need to wake up half way through the night and swap your batteries over.

DSC 0585

The charger is lightweight and not much bigger than Hawk Woods‘ four-way charger. It will charge regular-sized V-mounts but you won’t fit eight on at a time, If you do want to charge full sized V-lock batteries, you will only be able to charge four at once.

The charger is about six to eight weeks away from being available to buy, and the list price is going to be in the region of £625+VAT.

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