Aputure RC LED light

The Aputure RC is a small fixture that looks a lot like a regular lightbulb. It even has a screw fitting so it can be used with domestic light fixtures. It’s designed for use in practical lights where it’s useful to be able to control exactly what light is in your scene.

Smarter than the average lightbulb

Inside, however, the Aputure RC is a lot smarter than a simple lightbulb. Illumination comes from a 5W RGBW LED and it integrates with Aputure’s new Sidus Link mesh network.

That means it will talk to other Aputure lights nearby and create a network to allow remote control and storage of colour and brightness levels via an app.

There’s a battery built in to the light which charges when connected to a regular light socket. This is still a prototype model and Aputure are looking for feedback on how else it could be recharged – so weigh in in the comments section below…

The light will run for 20 hours on minimum intensity and around 100 minutes set at 100%. Charge time is about 75 minutes when plugged in. It’s flicker-free at high frame rates and should offer much better CRI / TLCI ratings than domestic LEDs. No figures from Aputure yet though.

Aputure RC price and availability

Aputure hope to make the RC available at the end of the summer for around $59 US each. It will also be available in a two-light and four-light kit.

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