iFootage Shark Slider Nano

Shark slider nano
Key features

  • 400mm length, 800mm slide
  • Touchscreen control
  • Second axis motor
  • 3.2kg payload

The iFootage Shark Slider Nano is a short 400mm slider with a few tricks up its sleeve. Firstly it’s reciprocating so when placed on a tripod it actually has double the amount of travel.

The horizontal slide is motorised, controlled either by an app or through an embedded 2.7″ touchscreen.

You set up a first camera position manually, then do the same for where you want your move to end, and enter how long you want it to last. You can also set the motion to be a one-off or to shuttle continuously.

Two-axis movement

There’s a motor in the camera plate to add an extra dimension to the camera’s movement. This means you can achieve parallax-style camera moves for interviews without any extra motorised parts.

The Shark Slider Nano can support 3.2kg (6lbs) when set up horizontally, or 1.5kgs (3lbs) when used vertically.

Power is supplied by two 1,850mAh Li-ion batteries which should last for about three hours. They’re removable so you can have a spare set on standby. You can also power the slider via USB-C for even longer slides.

iFootage Shark Slider Nano price and availability

The 400mm version of the slider should be available in Autumn this year for $499 US, with a 500mm version to follow. The fluid head seen in the setup above can be bought separately for $149 US.

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