Core SWX Helix Dual Voltage Battery System

The Core SWX Helix is a dual voltage battery system that features simultaneous 14V and 28V power output for use on high-draw lights and cameras like the ARRI LF.

Core SWX Helix
The Core SWX Helix 9 battery.

The Helix has been designed to power the same devices as a regular V-mount or Gold mount 14v pack without accidentally transmitting high voltage unless it’s needed. The higher output only unlocks when you pair the battery with a special mounting plate.

The plates themselves are also still compatible with regular voltage battery packs so you won’t have to replace a whole fleet of batteries all at once.

Despite their higher output the Helix batteries charge on regular V-mount and Gold mount chargers.

The benefits of higher power draw

Core SWX Helix D Tap
A tasty green D-Tap.

So rather than having to use a shark fin dual battery solution, you can use a single Helix HCM to power, say your ARRI camera (lucky you). Passing through 33.6V to the ARRI results in a run time of around 40 mins from the 90Wh packs.

Using such comparatively high voltages means there’s less current draw, the batteries generate less heat, and Core SWX say they’ll last longer as a result.

The Helix series also include features first seen on Core SWX’s Hypercore series. There’s a sleep mode that kicks in to preserve the cells when you’re not using them, and an LCD screen to show power reserves (and to show when high voltage mode is active).

Core SWX Helix App
The embedded RFID chip allows you to quickly check battery status.

Each battery also features an RFID chip so you can tap your phone to the front of the battery to check its status rather than having to plug it in to a charger.

Core SWX Helix price and availability

The 98Wh Helix 9 should be available in the next two weeks for around $400 US. Core SWX are then going to roll out larger capacity batteries over the next three months. They’ll range in price from $500 to $800. There will also be a Helix Prime model for travel which features two 95Wh halves that click together for extended run times.

Core SWX NPF flatpack

IMG 6428

The Core SWX NPF flatpack is an ingenious way to power your SmallHD Focus 5″ monitor. It fits into the Sony battery slot on the back of the monitor but sits flush with the casing on either side as well. This makes for a 60Wh capacity that the company say will run a Focus 5 Bolt for six hours.

IMG 6426

You can charge the flatpack on a regular NPF charger, or there’s a DC-in to charge it directly from the mains. When you’re plugged in it should take 3-4 hours to recharge the pack.

Core SWX NPF flatpack price and availability

The NPF flatpacks should be available shortly for $89 US. Buy a couple and you’ll be set for your next twelve hour shooting day…

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