Aputure Lantern

The Aputure Lantern is a china-ball style lighting modifier that’s been designed based on feedback from Aputure’s users and that aims to be very quick and easy to set up.

Soft, quick

Aputure china ball 2
Once it’s up you can control spill with the integrated curtains.

With this goal in mind, to set up the lantern you press down on the rod structure to pop it into place, then velcro around the top of the fixture. To take it down you just pop it again to release both parts.

The Aputure Lantern attaches via a Bowens mount to any of the company’s COB 120d or 300d fixtures, and is compatible with v1 or v2 of either light.

Once you’ve suspended the modifier you can control the spill with Velcro-lined curtains that are backed with reflective material to gently enhance the light on the opposite side.

Price and availability

Aputure are hoping the Aputure Lantern will be available in the next month or so for around $100 US.

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