Tokina Cinema Vista ONE first look

The new Tokina Cinema Vista ONE prime lenses were on display at NAB for the first time.

We got to put the 85mm T1.5 Vista ONE on a Nikon Z6 and grab a few shots. The lens produces beautiful flares and nice bokeh.

Tokina Cinema Vista ONE first look

Vista One lenses are a new limited release version of the Vista Prime lenses featuring a new single coated front element and new lens barrel aesthetic design. The single coating allows for a reduction in contrast and increase in lens flare when off-axis lighting is used. When the lens is on-axis to the light source, the lens retains contrast and normal lens flare properties.

DSC 0338 1

The single coating technology used on the Vista One lenses provides a good compromise between creating a unique look, and still maintaining contrast. This offers advantages over uncoated lenses that may provide too much reduction in contrast and less image control.

The Vista One lenses also have a series-exclusive premium grey color painted lens barrel with blue and white lens marking accents.

Tokina Cinema Vista ONE first look

They will only be available on a single limited quantity release from Tokina Cinema USA. They will have to be purchased in a complete 6 lens set (18mm T1.5, 25mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5, and 105mm T1.5) and won’t be sold as one-off individual lenses.

The Vista ONE lenses look to be direct competition to Canon’s Sumire primes lenses.

Tokina Cinema Vista 18mm T1.5 on the Kinefinity MAVO

Newsshooter has reviewed quite a few of the Tokina Cinema VIsta lenses. You can see those reviews below:

Price & Availability

DSC 0339 1

There is no indication of pricing or availability, but given the fact that they are only being made in very limited numbers, I would expect the Vista ONE lenses to cost more than the Cinema Vistas.

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