Blackmagic Design Resolve Editor keyboard

Taking inspiration from the new Cut page in Resolve 16, Blackmagic Design have announced the Resolve Editor Keyboard, specifically designed to integrate with their NLE software.

The model in the video above is a prototype but production versions will keep the all-metal construction and rubber inserts. It’s designed to be durable and to be used all-day every day, and features keycaps inspired by e-sports hardware.

Blackmagic Design Resolve Editor Keyboard
The case is metal with a rubber wrist rest.

Two hands on the keyboard, please

The main idea behind the Editor Keyboard is that you’re fastest and most efficient when you’re editing with two hands. The jog wheel is positioned for the right hand, leaving your left hand free to enter in and out points quickly before moving on to the next edit.

Integrated jog wheel

The jog wheel itself is machined aluminium with a rubber edge. It also features an electronic clutch that the software controls to set end stops when you’re using it for shuttle and position.

Hardware controls for frequently-used functions

Blackmagic Design Resolve Editor Keyboard In and Out buttons
You roll the edit in, you roll the edit out, in out in out etc

You can change editing modes via dedicated keys, add or remove transitions, switch between source and timeline viewers without taking your hands off the keyboard. The numberpad even lets you switch between frames and timecode, with a dedicated ’00’ button to help with numerical entry.

Blackmagic Design Editor Keyboard detail – Source and Timeline buttons

Although this workflow is designed to minimise mouse use, there is a USB port for plugging one in – even if you’re not using it within Resolve you’ll still probably need one for navigating your computer’s OS.

The Editor Keyboard can connect via USB-A or USB-C – USB-C is probably better if you have it, because it can supply the power that the keyboard needs. USB-A connections can’t, so the keyboard features a small internal battery to take up the slack.

Resolve Editor keyboard price and availability

The retail price for the keyboard will be $995 US and Blackmagic are hoping it will be available at the end of August.

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