Blackmagic Design battery grip for BMPCC 4K

Blackmagic Design have announced a battery grip for the BMPCC 4K camera. The grip is specifically designed to fit the camera, and looks very much like a grip you’d use on a traditional DSLR body.

It’s made of carbon fibre and incorporates handgrips, two mounting points to stop the camera twisting when it’s mounted on a plate and a slide-out battery tray. The tray will accommodate two LP-E6 batteries Sony NP-style batteries and is intended to power the camera for up to two hours.

Blackmagic Design battery grip for BMPCC 4K
The grip adds bulk but also practicality to the BMPCC 4K. Now about that camera cage

This addresses one of the most common complaints about the BMPCC 4K – that battery life is very short for a camera intended to be used on location. Having said that it’s a little strange that the camera itself accepts Canon LP-E6 batteries but the grip takes Sony NP-550/570s. So unless you exclusively use the grip you’ll have to deal with two different chargers and battery types. Presumably the smaller Canon batteries just don’t have the capacity for extended use.

The only downside really apart from that is that using the new grip doesn’t look like it will be compatible with existing camera cages…

Price and availability

We don’t have a release date yet but when it is available the battery grip for BMPCC 4K will cost $245 US.

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