Atomos Ninja V AtomX SDI module

Atomos have announced the AtomX SDI module for their Ninja V line of 5″ monitor/recorders.

The AtomX SDI features two SDI connectors that can be configured to loop through or to double up and allow recording via a dual 12G signal. The module supports 4K at up to 60p as well as 2K at up to 240p.

atomx sdi

The small unit is the first in a planned range of interchangeable AtomX modules that will bring expanded I/O to the Ninja V. It clips on to the back of the monitor and passes through power from Sony NP-style batteries.

RAW deal?

The Shogun Inferno can accept a RAW feed from the Panasonic EVA-1.

One thing that isn’t possible at the moment is RAW recording over SDI. The larger 7″ Shogun Inferno has enough processing overhead to decompress the RAW signal it receives over SDI where necessary – apparently around 30% of camera RAW formats work in this way. It might, however, be possible to unlock RAW recording for the other 70% of the formats on the Ninja V in the future. A tantalising prospect…

More AtomX in the pipeline

As we’ve reported before Atomos also have other AtomX modules planned: the next one is a timecode sync module that will allow you to sync recording between Ninja units and control settings via an iOS app. There’s also an NDI module in the works that will allow the Ninja V to deliver video over Ethernet.

AtomX SDI module price and availability

Atomos have been talking about the expansion modules for a while now, and hope to be delivering the first units in June of this year. The AtomX SDI module will be priced at $199 US.

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