ARRI & Bebob B-Mount

ARRI & Bebob B-Mount

ARRI and Bebob have developed a new 24 Volt Battery Mount, called B-Mount.

Key features

  • High power capability featuring universal battery communication
  • Robust construction and seamless interlocking of components
  • B-Mount will power all current and future ARRI cameras
  • Specifications are fully documented and open to third-party battery
    and equipment manufacturers

With some of today’s digital cameras pushing the performance limits of the 12 Volt systems, higher voltage power solutions are needed. Munich battery manufacturer Bebob in conjunction with RRI has developed the B-Mount, that’s right, B-Mount, not V-Mount.

This new battery mount makes it possible to supply 24 Volt devices while
providing maximum flexibility regarding the choice of batteries and accessories you need to use. In a thumbs up to the design, ARRI will be utilizing the B-Mount for all of its future cameras.

So what is B-Mount?

ARRI & Bebob B-Mount

This newly developed B-Mount interface has several decisive advantages
compared to its predecessors. Not only does the B-Mount provides 24 Volt high-power, but it is also equipped to support multi-voltage (both 12 Volt and 24 Volt). Having this adaptability lets the B-Mount system supply all devices on set with a single battery system.

When designing the B-Mount, Bebob factored in that they needed to make it stable, robust, and allow the seamless interlocking of individual components. Having an open protocol and universal battery communication was also important in the B-Mount’s development.

In the past, manufacturers had to develop various data transmission protocols for different device configurations. With the B-Mount interface, only one protocol is required.

ARRI & Bebob B-Mount

With the introduction of the B-Mount, ARRI and Bebob aim to create a new, universal 24 Volt industry standard. The specifications for this interface have been made accessible and have already been shared with various manufacturers in recent months.

“Since the introduction of our ALEXA LF, we have been looking for a 24 V
standard, which will make it easier to work on set in the future. Bebob has now created a fitting solution with the new B- Mount.”
Camera Systems.

Stephan Schenk,
Managing Director of ARRI Cine Technik, responsible for ARRI’s Business Unit

Bebob already has a range of B-Mount batteries that will be available in capacities of 86Wh up to 294Wh.

Above you can see what the locking mechanism looks like on a B-Mount battery.

Bebob will be showing their first series of bi-voltage batteries with matching accessories at NAB.

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