Movcam MCS-2 Wireless Control Unit

Movcam MCS-2 Wireless Control Unit

Movcam has announced the MCS-2 Wireless Control Unit. The MCS-2 is a multi-function wireless control unit and a successor to the MCS-1.

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The MCS-2 is composed of three individual modules- Focus, Iris, and Zoom. Each module controls its corresponding motor and you can use just one, two, or all three to create different combinations. For for more complex shooting a focus puller and assistant can collaborate using a wireless connection.

Being able to break the unit into 3 pieces certainly increases the products versatility. The original MCS-1 was a single unit which couldn’t be separated.

The MCS-2 features a 3.29″ OLED capacitive touch screen, which can work under severe temperature environment from -30°C~70°C. The MCS-2 has been designed so focus pullers can operate while wearing gloves. The main control panel uses gorilla glass with a flexible rubber protective cover. These covers will be available in different colors so that it’s easy to tell one unit from another when more than one MCS-2 is being used.

Just like the MCS-1, the MCS-2 also features auto/manual calibration, A and B limit points, motor torque adjustment, and auto display of depth of field. It also has preset lens data but you can also manually enter your ow lenses if need be.

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The MCS-2 can use one or two LP-E6 batteries which will get you through a whole day of shooting. The batteries are also hot-swappable.

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The RUN/STOP function supports most cameras in the market, including ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, Kniefinity, RED, and Sony.  What’s more, MCS-2 can control broadcast ENG lenses and servo Cine zooms from Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux.

MCS-2 is compatible with Movcam’s MRS-1 and UM-5. It can also work with Movcam SCU-1 and MCS-1.

Movcam Helm

As a wireless control unit, MCS-2 can work with Movcam’s Helm system allowing you to remotely control the camera.

It will be interesting to see how well the Movcam MCS-2 performs. It certainly looks like a much better product than the MCS-1 was.

The MCS-2 will face stiff competition from other FIZ controllers on the market from companies such as ARRI, and CMotion.

Price & Availability

There is currently no indication of when the MCS-2 will be available or how much it will cost. The MCS-1 retails for $4,225.00 USD, so it will be interesting to seee if the MCS-2 will be a similar price.

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