MOZA iFocus M Ultra-compact Wireless Lens Motor

MOZA iFocus M

Gudsen has announced the new iFocus M ultra-compact wireless lens motor.

iFocu M with Air 2 1

Key features

  • Super Compact & Ultra-lightweight – only 88 grams
  • Micro brushless motors with 0.25Nm of torque
  • Suitable for Moza Air 2 or other brands of gimbals
iFocu M with Air 2 4 1

The iFocus-M is very lightweight, weighing in at only 88g, making it ideal for use on the company’s Air 2 handheld gimbal. The small motor mounts via a fixed, single 15mm rod clamp.

One of the reasons why the motor is so compact is that it requires external power via a USB-C cable, unlike the larger MOZA iFocus which has an internal battery. This makes it more similar to Zhiyun’s Transmount servo motors. When used on the Air 2 gimbal, you can use a Multi CAN cable which not only powers the motor but lets the gimbal communicate with the motor.

Moza Air 2 gimbal review

Alternatively, the iFocus-M can be used with the Moza hand wheel controller, so you could use it without the gimbal on a shoulder rig or even another branded gimbal. With this kind of setup, you would need to power the motor via the USB-C port.

Moza Air 2 gimbal review
The Moza Follow Focus Hand Unit available separately, shown with the larger iFocus motor.


Max Torque0.25Nm
Gear0.8 pitch, 40 teeth

The iFocus-M is set to ship from mid-April. Pricing is yet to be released. Learn more about the Moza iFocus-M on the Gudsen website.

You can also read our full review of the MOZA Air 2 gimbal review which also includes an overview of the iFocus motor and hand unit controller.

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