Frame.io gets 10 key features in a major upgrade

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Frame.io has released a major upgrade with 10 key new features.

  • Multi-page PDF support: You make video but that means working with all types of creative assets. Our new multi-page PDF support allows you to review scripts and storyboards, just like video. Check out how Berklee College of Music has been using this new feature to improve how they collaborate:
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  • Enhanced version management: You can now reorder and remove versions from a stack, all from one simple place.
  • Private comments: Do you routinely create separate review links for internal teams to gather feedback you don’t want your client to see? Now you can separate your internal team conversations from your client conversations.
  • @mentions: Finally! With @mentions, you can tag anyone on a project to quickly grab their attention when it’s needed most.
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  • Archival storage (beta): Archive is a new, low-cost storage tier. Free up more account storage by archiving projects. Your original files will be archived but your low-res preview files stay online and searchable so you never have to wonder which backups are where. Comment, compare, share—all the Frame.io magic still applies to archived projects. Originals can be restored within a few hours. [Note: this feature is currently in beta and is not yet widely available. If you have an existing Frame.io account and would like to request access, please fill out this form to request early access.]
  • Redesigned iPhone app: Have you been using our Apple award-winning iPhone app to review and comment on the go? It just got a design overhaul. You can now enjoy a cleaner and all-around improved interface.
  • Reel player: Want more ways to showcase your final deliverables in presentation mode? You can now drop all assets into a filmstrip format for easy, laid-back viewing. Complete with built-in autoplay. Fox Sports Marketing adopted the reel player presentation format, and they’re already seeing success:
Screen Shot 2019 03 22 at 12 42 21 pm
  • Updated review pages (beta): Our all-new review pages have a simpler interface that makes it easier for clients to leave feedback—no login required.
  • Short links: Our share URLs used to be really long. But with our new f.io shortlink, your share URL’s are now significantly more friendly and easy to use.
  • Account switching: For those of you with multiple accounts, we’ve now made it super simple to switch between accounts via our new account switcher.

Frame.io starts at $17 USD for a Pro account and $44 USD per month for a team account. You can try out Frame.io for free with a 7-day trial.

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