RED Ranger starts shipping to Authorised Rental Houses

The RED Ranger is an all-in-one camera system built around the 8K Monstro sensor that was announced a few months back in January 2019. The interesting thing was that it wouldn’t be available to end users but only authorized RED rental houses.

Unlike the rest of the DSMC2 camera bodies, the Ranger is an all-in-one camera with integrated I/Os, power distribution, audio, timecode and more. It also packs the Monstro 8K sensor.

Key features

  • Integrated I/O’s
  • Three SDI outputs (two mirrored and one independent)
  • Support for wider input voltage (11.5-32V)
  • 24V & 12V power outs (two of each)
  • 12V P-Tap port
  • Integrated 5-pin XLR stereo audio input (line/mic/+48V selectable)
  • Genlock, timecode, USB, and control
  • Shimmed PL mount
  • Large diameter fan provides improved thermal performance
  • Available in V-Lock or Gold Mount variants

Complete kit includes

  • Production Top Handle
  • PL Mount with supporting shims
  • Two 15mm LWS rod brackets
  • RED Pro Touch 7.0″ LCD with 9″ ARM and LCD/EVF cable
  • LCD/EVF Adaptor A and LCD/EVF Adaptor D
  • 24V AC Power Adaptor with 3-pin 24V XLR Power Cable
  • Compatible Hex and Torx tools
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Rental Only

When the RED Ranger was announced, it was already mentioned that it was a custom build specifically for rental houses and not end users. The Ranger was specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end productions after initial discussions that RED President Jarred Land had at Cinegear 2018.

Since it’s only for rental houses, there is no actual price tag, but you can definitely say it isn’t cheap with the DSMC2 Monstro 8K VV costing $54,500 USD for the brain alone, without adding any other I/O modules.

Only time will tell if they ever bring this form factor to the masses.

There have been a lot of changes over the years in the rental business and we hope this offers our Authorized Rental Houses something unique… We’re in this to make the best products possible and to enable all our customers to succeed in their own way. RANGER is what the Rental Houses asked for – I’m excited to see the results”

Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema.
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You can visit the RED Locations page to find your nearest authorized rental house and see if they will be stocking the RED Ranger.

Want to learn more about how the RED Ranger came to be? Jon Fauer ASC did an interview with Jarred Land which is published on the Film & Digital Times website.

What do you think about the RED Ranger? Will you be looking to rent one?

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